Company Introduction

Sichuan Xidian Electric Power Design Co. Ltd. is a transformed enterprise from Sichuan Power Transmission and Distribution Surveying and Designing Institute, which was established in 1984. The company has now obtained a series of qualification certificates: first grade of power transmission and substation, second grade of hydropower design, first grade of engineering survey, second grade of geotechnical engineering and hydrological geological , second grade of soil and water conservation scheme, second grade of water resources argumentation and engineering consulting. It has been audited in accordance with the requirements of GB/T19001-2000 quality standard, GB/T24001-2004 environment standard, GB/T28001-2001 occupation health and safety system certification. The company is mainly taking on the power system transmission and substation, hydroelectric investigation, design, engineering consulting, engineering general contract, project management and related technical & management services.

The company mainly involves in businesses in Sichuan province, Chongqing district, Yunnan province, Tibet and some foreign countries. It has gained some achievements and social and economical benefits by completing the survey and design for projects as follows: down to 220kv power transmission lines and distribution projects with a total line length of more than 3000km, including lines about 300km in heavy ice areas; down to 220kv substation projects with a total capacity of power distribution of 600000kva, of which the design of 110kv(35km) Wushan substation project and 110kv Fuliutan-to- Yuchi power transmission and distribution line project are awarded a medal for excellent design by Sichuan water conservancy and hydropower industry authority in 1987. In addition to this, its typical small-scale electric substation design for Sichuan rural areas carried out in 1995 and the typical small-scale rural-network electric substation design was authorized and issued all over Sichuan province.

Now the company has completed the survey and design for 20 projects of 100kw-25000kw power stations, of which 15 stations have been set up and worked well. At present, it is undertaking the power station design projects aiming to replace the fuels with electricity and solve power distribution problem for the villages without electricity. Quality and quantity guaranteed, the preliminary design has been accomplished at the fastest speed and investigated and greatly praised by the specialists coming from Water Conservancy Ministry, Water Conservancy Department and District Electric Power Department.

Based on domestic market, the company expands overseas market. It has accomplished the design and construction of 60kv and 15kv city network for Angola and 90kv city network design for Senegal , which has been thought highly of by the foreign specialists and the clients.

PK10官方网站开奖结果With the working idea of guaranteeing quality, satisfying clients and offering good service, all the designing and managing personnel are diligent, united, devoted and responsible. Complied with ISO9001 quality system and acted in accordance with the quality principles of honesty, humanity, elaboration and perfection, the survey and design projects feature practicality, security and economy. Having gone through the overall process from design to construction and combining theory with practice, the designers are experienced in design and construction, of whom there are experienced specialists, energetic young talents and composite managing personnel. Through the accumulation of the design experience and the collection of the project documents for 20 years, the company has made many researches and technical development on the special pipe patterns of line projects, such as square, steel, multi-looped transmission tower and has unique design and solution for special topography, such as heavy ice areas, high mountains and plateau.

To survive on quality, to develop on talents, to rely on technology innovation and to seek for benefits from proper management, is the company's principal route to develop. With the businesses continuously increased, the economic benefit and social image improved, Sichuan Xidian Electric Design Company Ltd has become a rising star in the electric power survey industry.